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A Quick Guide for NEET 2018 aspirants

It is that point of the year again when the students are busy with their textbooks and guides, concerning notes and going through the formulae. At this significant time, it’s necessary to possess some tips to crack NEET 2018.


NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is a national level test conducted by the Indian Medical Council for the students who wish to pursue graduation in the medical course, dental course or postgraduate course in government or private medical colleges.


Some tips to crack NEET 2018


If you are someone who is preparing for NEET 2018, then these tips might help you in organizing your plan.


  • Know the syllabus well – Since NEET syllabus is as vast as ocean, it might get confusing for the aspirants. They need to know the syllabus well and focus on important topics.


  • Should have good study materials – It is really important to select good study materials with the help of teachers and you can get those online also. Here, LearnNext might play a helpful role here as students can find some researched and shortlisted study materials through this online study solution. The aspirants can also go through the interviews of NEET toppers and consult the books referred by them.


  • Use new technologies – Students are used to studying by highlighting in the textbooks and writing important notes. But in today’s era of technology there are countless ways to study in a smarter and more effective way. Learning has become more easy and interesting through various online tools like, blogs, social media, mobile apps or videos. LearnNext is such a platform which facilitates students for studying with new technology. LearnNext is also a self learning platform which helps students in analysing themselves. Students can resolve their queries online and can have a discussion on their queries as well. LearnNext works as a guide for students during their study.


  • Curate an effective study plan – While preparing for exams it generally feels like time is moving much faster and it becomes difficult in keeping pace with time. So, first, its required to set up goals and build up strategy likewise to pursue the goal. Aspirants can prepare a timetable and can proceed with their studies as per their plan which will help them in distributing their time among all subjects.


  • Work more on your weaker sections – There is nothing to worry if you are weaker in one subject and stronger in the other. Find out your weaker areas, work on those more and give those more time. Online personalised learning help the students in finding out their weaker sections through online tests and then they can work on those accordingly.


  • Practice mock test papers – Time management is mandatory for NEET exam. Candidates need to finish 180 questions in 180 minutes which means they can give just 1 minute for 1 question. Giving practice mock tests will enable them to learn time management and will help to keep the time limitation in mind. Students can go through previous years papers as well, which will give them a brief knowledge of past years question patterns and they can prepare likewise. They can also go through the question papers available online. LearnNext offers students with such benefits wherein they can give online time bound tests which enable them to practice finishing exams on time. Here they can get previous years papers with few mock tests as well for them to solve.


  • Remembering lessons get better with revisions – Revision is must for such a vast syllabus of NEET. Students need to revise on regular basis to brush up their lessons. So, it is better to finish up the syllabus faster to have time for revision.


Some tips from NEET toppers


Few months before the exam, students get more tensed and hence seek some advice or suggestions from the toppers of NEET. Here are some of the tips from the NEET toppers which the aspirants might find useful before their exam.


  • Know your biological clock and study accordingly – Like every student has their own style of studying, they have their own timing to study as well. Some are good during the daytime while some are good during the night. Toppers says that students should study at their own comfortable time when they feel they can concentrate more.


  • Solve questions daily – It is important to evaluate yourself which can be best done by solving questions on a daily basis. While solving questions it is better to start with the subject you are comfortable with, which helps in raising the confidence and hence it will boost you to solve the difficult sections.


  • Note down your mistakes – Mistakes make learners more perfect. But it is important to analyze your mistakes and work on them. Note down your mistakes and revise the subject in which you are weak.


  • Do group studies – Studying in groups energizes yourself and boosts you for spending more time in studies. Evaluate question papers in the group which will help to know the answers to various questions and different methods of solving a question.


  • Read newspapers – To improve your general knowledge, read newspapers daily. By reading newspapers you will be updated on the current affairs and note them down.


  • Make short notes – Sometimes it is not possible to revise the entire book. Make short notes of the points which you quite often tend to forget and highlight the important lines in your books. This will help you to revise your syllabus in a much faster and smarter way.


  • Stay calm and be positive – A positive approach always tends to bring a fruitful result at the end. When students get tensed, it hampers their concentration on studies as well. So, it is important to stay calm and have a positive attitude towards your exam.


These are some of the useful tips to crack NEET 2018 which will be beneficial for the aspirants to decide their approach towards their exam.

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