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CBSE’s co-scholastic certificate format released for extra-curricular activities and life skills

In a recent circular, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the format for the certificate for co-scholastic activities, which is to be issued to class 10 students this year. Schools are to use the format to issue a separate certificate for co-scholastic areas.

The following scheme is to be used to upgrade the grades that the candidates have obtained, based on the co-scholastic grades:

  • Students with 53-65 grade points in co-scholastic activities will be awarded the next higher grade in two scholastic subjects
  • Those with 40-52 grade points will be given the next higher grade in one scholastic subject
  • The grades will be upscaled only for main subjects in scholastic areas and not for the sixth additional subject
  • Upscaling will not be done for the A1 or E2 grades
  • Grades will not be upscaled twice
  • In case there is a tie between grades obtained in two or more subjects,
    • The subject in which higher marks have been obtained will be preferred
    • In case there is a tie, higher Summative Assessment marks will be considered
    • If there is a tie in Summative Assessment marks, higher marks in Formative Assessment will be preferred

The circular also mentions that upgrading or upscaling of scholastic grades will not be done from 2018 onwards for class 10 students.