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Challenges Increase for Students as Tamil Nadu Government Plans to Introduce Class 11 Boards

Students in Tamil Nadu will have now have to take the board exam in class 11 too.

The Tamil Nadu government has planned to introduce board examinations in class XI from 2018. The marks secured in this exam will carry 50% weightage in the class XII board exam. The move is an attempt to improve the performance of students in the various competitive examinations they take after class XII.

Though some students, parents and teachers in the state have lauded the government’s decision, most of them are concerned about the pressure it might bring upon students who now will have to appear for board exams in three consecutive years—in classes X, XI and XII. They also raised concerns that this will increase the burden on parents and teachers who will need to more watchful of the students preparation and performance. Some teachers are also of the opinion that this move calls for a revision of the syllabus.

If the move has the impact which the government desires is for us to see in the future, but the students might experience a greater workload. The responsibility will now rest with mentors—parents and teachers—to ensure that their studies or health do not get affected due to stress about studies.